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Annual Report 2011


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Welcome to The Meat Board of Namibia
Monday, 13 April 2015 16:09

Meat Board holds industry meetings in the coming week

The quarterly industry meetings of the National Animal Health Forum, the National Livestock Marketing Committee, the FANMeat Committee and the Joint Vision will be led by the Meat Board in the coming week.
One of the topics that will be addressed is the latest notice by the South African Directorate of Animal Health of an announcement regarding a consultation process in the South African Government Gazette for the implementation of very strict import conditions on the export of Namibian livestock to South Africa. It was such conditions that brought Namibian livestock exports to South Africa basically to a standstill on 1 May 2014. Other topics that will be discussed are the handing in of the dossiers to the International Animal Health Organisation (OIE) to declare Namibia free from certain animal diseases, the compiling of protocols to declare farms in Namibia free from certain diseases and the marketing of the ISO certification of FANMeat.

Monday, 13 April 2015 16:07

Meat Board investigates possibilities of bulk imports or manufacturing of animal feeds

Meat Board investigates possibilities of bulk imports or manufacturing of animal feeds Given the latest possible restrictions on livestock exports from Namibia to South Africa by the South African Directorate of Animal Health and in conjunction with the Strategy for the creation of alternative markets, the Meat Board had a discussion with various bodies such as the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Agronomic Board, Namib Mills, Feedmaster, AgBusDev, Meatco, Namport and Walvis Bay Corridor Group on 8 April 2015 to investigate the possibilities of bulk imports or the manufacturing of animal feeds.
The Meat Board will conduct such an investigation and special attention will be given to the financial viability of bulk imports or manufacturing of animal feeds versus compliance with the possible new export conditions as prescribed by the RSA Directorate of Animal Health.

Monday, 13 April 2015 16:05


The Meat Board has sufficient generic arboricides (tebuthiuron) in stock (as a liquid and as granules). If we take into consideration that approximately 26 million ha of productive Namibian agricultural land is encroached by unwanted bushes and that the meat industry loses an income of approximately N$1,4 milliard due to loss of animal production on this land, the eradication of bushes and the recovery of the Namibian grazing need urgent attention. Prices for the arboricides are as follows:
Tebuthiuron – liquid: N$200.00 per litre, granules – N$92.50 per kg and Brommecil Powder – N$195.00 per kg.
Regarding the availability of arboricides Andeline can be contacted at Tel 061-275837.

Monday, 13 April 2015 16:00

Meat Board limits export destinations for livestock to South Africa

As a result of last year’s restrictions on livestock exports from Namibia to South Africa laid down by the South African Veterinary Services, the Meat Board has sharpened its export control measures. Livestock for commercial purposes (therefore not for breeding purposes) from Namibia may only be destined for feedlots and abattoirs in South Africa. The Meat Board will see to it that the destinations of Namibian livestock as indicated on the permits are complied with, and that the cooperation of all exporters be requested in this regard. A list of conditions and destinations is available on the web site of the Meat Board and at the Meat Board (Mr Goliath Tujendapi (Tel 061-275836) or Mr Wessels Horn (Telephone 061-275874).

Tuesday, 24 March 2015 00:05

Meat Board congratulates Minister Mutorwa on his appointment as Minister of Agriculture

The Meat Board hereby congratulates the Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry on his appointment as the new Minister of Agriculture in the Cabinet of the President elect, Hage Geingob. Minister Mutorwa is the longest serving Minister of Agriculture in the Government after independence, and while the Meat Board has built very good relationships with Minister Mutorwa in the past number of years, it stands to reason that they will enhance this relationship to lead the meat industry to new heights.

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