The Board at its last meeting approved the conditions to the registration of producers operating abattoirs in Namibia to accommodate age-classification at C-class abattoirs.  Age classification will describe the age of the animal at the time of slaughter and will be indicated on the carcass in the form of a stamp.  Such age classification can only take place under the supervision of the Meat Board and the Meat Board maintains the right to suspend the registration of such producer if any age classification or other inconsistencies are found. Abattoir operators wishing to participate and implement age classification should apply in writing to the Meat Board of Namibia. A person to be trained on age classification should be identified by the abattoir operator.  Such person must be registered and certified by the Meat Board on an annual basis, and such registration will only be valid for the abattoir at which the staff member is employed at the time of certification. Age classification stamps bearing a unique abattoir code will be provided by the Meat Board to the abattoir operator at the cost of the abattoir operator for use in age classification. For more information and for applications, please contact Mr Petrus Maritz at 061 275 847 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.