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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules/regulations to export live animals to Angola (May'18)


What are the rules/regulations to export live animals to Angola? Are there any restrictions and limitations with regard to quantity, weight, gender, etc.?


If the exporter is Namibian, they need to be registered as a producer with the Meat Board of Namibia.

Registration is free and is done at our offices.

Requirements for Permit in that order:

  1. Import permit from Angola
  2. Export Permit from Veterinary Services (Namibia)
  3. Meat Board Export Permit ( Last stage)

Standard levy applies depending on the type of livestock being exported.

How to register for a stock brand and producer (Feb '18)

What documents are required to register as a producer and a stock brand?


The following documents are required:

You may obtain the application from any State Vet Office or come in at the Meat Board if in Windhoek.

  1. Complete form BR 1 – New stock brand registration.
  2. Attach certified copy of ID.
  3. Copy of Tittle deed as proof of ownership for the farm on which the brand is applied for.
  4. Pay/deposit an amount of N$ 122.00 in the Stock brands account – account number available at the bottom of the application form.
  5. Give in the form to nearest State Vet Office for them to courier it to us.
  6. After you have received your brand documents – inform the State Vet Office closer to you to link your brand to the farm.
  7. Only then you will be able to purchase the official cattle ear tags from Meat Board

NOTE: The state veterinary office should be able to advice on the rest in terms of vaccinations, tagging, branding etc. As per the Animal Health Act 1 of 2011.

Export goat to Angola (Apr '17)

We are located in Ondjiva, Angola, close to the Namibian Border and we would like to import some female goats and rams from Namibia.

We'd like to know what the rules for importing from Namibia are. A few various private breeders mentioned that it is difficult to export to Angola and a lot of paperwork is needed.


  1. Apply for an Angolan import permit.
  2. Finalize the procurement of goats from Namibian breeders (please get invoice from breeders)
  3. Apply for Animal Improvement Permit from Ministry of Agriculture (Mr. Abraham Katjiukua +264 61 208 71111)
  4. Apply for Namibian Veterinarian export permit (Mr Nell +264 61 276 580)
  5. Once you have obtain all of the above you than apply for the Meat Board export permit where you have to pay an export levy of 8% of the value of the animals (invoice from breeders to be submitted together with the application).
  6. For the Meat Board export permit or any other enquiries do not hesitate to contact me.

When to apply for a Stock Brand with Meat Board? (Apr '16)

According to the Stock Brand Act 24 of 1995, a person may only apply for a brand after acquiring livestock. However with the new system that we have in place, a farmer needs a Stock Brand for moving animals from where they were purchased to his/her establishment or farm. Thus, you can apply with us at the stock brand office to obtain your brand. ;

What procedures and documents are required to apply for a Stock Brand? (Apr '16)

You are required to come in and complete the application form for new stock brand, attach a copy of your ID and an admin levy of N$ 114.00 is payable.
If you are not the primary lease holder of the resettlement farm, you need a written consent via the primary lease holder from the Ministry of Land Reform indicating that you will be farming on that establishment.
If you are the primary lease holder, you may present documentation from the Ministry of Land Reform indicating that you are the primary lease holder.
The requirement for a letter of consent and document evidence is for administrative and control purpose, to avoid registering or issuing brands to persons not belonging to an establishment or farming unit.

Which documents are needed?

  • Complete application form
  • Copy of ID
  • Proof of payment for the N$114.00
  • Documents for leasing and grazing permission.

How long does it take for the process to be finalized?
It takes 2 days if application is done at the Meat Board and about 2 weeks if the application is from the regions.

Applications may also be done at the Directorate of Veterinary Services Office.

What is the current meat import allowance into Namibia? (Feb '16)

The following on the importation of meat into Namibia:

  • 25kg per person older than 12 years and 3 per vehicle (mutton, goat and beef), are allowed for own consumption only and no permit is required.
  • If for commercial purposes and more than 25kg then import permit(s) are required and import levy is payable with Meat Board.
  • 10kg of biltong and processed meat (polonies).
  • Meat may be taken into the north above Grootfontein (NCA, but no meat may be taken out from there.

Further information can be obtained from the Ministry of Agricultural +264 61 276580

What are the current restrictions for taking meat to Namibia from South Africa?

No pork and chicken may be imported for own use into Namibia - May 2015.

What are the procedures for exporting meat from Namibia to South Africa, alternatively to China and Hong Kong

Kindly contact the Directorate of Veterinary Services who is the competent authority overseeing the export of meat and meat products from Namibia for the relevant information.

Dr Musilika: +264 61 208 7505 ShilongoA@mawf.gov.na

Meat can only be exported from export approved abattoirs. You need to obtain an import permit with all import requirements from the country to which you want to export the meat.

Where can goat ear tags be purchased?

The Meat Board does not supply goat ear tags. We only supply (sell) official cattle ear tags.
Goat ear tags can be purchased at any AGRA outlet. You will be required to have a stock brand card or certificate if you purchase goat ear tags.
Detailed information you will find in the MEAT STANDARDS and TRADE and MARKETING page of The Meat Board website.

Where can the Electronic Ear tag reader be purchased?

FlexPro Technology Services (Pty) Ltd is sellint the readers and can be contacted at:
Tel: +264 61 305917, Fax: +264 61 309085 or visit their website www.flexpro-tech.com.

Export: Beef: Namibia to China. Please advise if we are allowed to export beef from Namibia to China, or are there any restrictions? (May '16)

Namibia has recently obtained approval to export beef to China. The beef can only be exported from Abattoirs certified for export to China. As I understand, only Meatco has applied for such export, and final approval is awaited.

Please contact the Directorate of Veterinary Services to obtain relevant information.

The chief of import/export is Dr Tina Musilika. ShilongoA@mawf.gov.na 061 208 7505


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