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Annual Report 2011


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Welcome to The Meat Board of Namibia
Tuesday, 30 June 2015 08:00

Stock take notice - Ear Tag Office

The Meat Board of Namibia EAR TAG Office would like to inform all cattle producers and ear tag agents that on the 1st July 2015, Wednesday, the ear tag office will only open at 10:00 am due to monthly stock taking. All the other offices will be open to the public as usual. For enquiries contact: Saraphia Kapenaina @ 061 -275 865/4/3.
Thank you for understanding.
Meat Board, the FAN Meat Office

Friday, 26 June 2015 14:00

Employees' Manual

This Manual is intended for and supplied to both management and employees, not as an all-inclusive list of all the complex and wide-ranging aspects of our business pertaining to labour and human resources management, but as a basic framework only.
Download here the manual...

Friday, 19 June 2015 14:22

Namibia acquires Small Stock Pest (PPR) (Peste des petits ruminants) - Free Zone

At the last meeting of members of the World Animal Health Organisation (OIE) in May 2015, Namibia received official recognition for its status regarding Small Stock Pest (PPR), as well as for both its control programmes for foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) and cattle lung sickness (CBPP) in the Northern Communal Areas. The area south of the cordon fence has now been declared free from Small Stock Pest, which gives this area or zone the same status as South Africa regarding the disease. This status is also in line with the new goal set by the OIE, namely to declare the world free from Small Stock Pest by the year 2030.
The official recognition of the control programmes for both foot-and-mouth disease and lung sickness in the Northern Communal Areas now means that Namibia can indeed move forward to declare this area free from both diseases. The control programmes provide for a step-by-step progress to freedom.
Given the current outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in the Northern Communal Areas, however means that Namibia will progress somewhat more slowly towards declaring this area free from foot-and-mouth disease.
Namibians should be proud of this recognition and the Meat Board wishes to congratulate Veterinary Services on behalf of the industry with this achievement.

Friday, 19 June 2015 14:21

Dr Anja Boshoff-De Witt attended the World Animal Health Organisation Annual Meeting

Dr Anja Boshoff-De Witt from the Meat Board attended the World Animal Health Organisation Annual Meeting
The overarching message from members and role players was that livestock play a huge role in the security of the economy and the eradication of poverty and hunger worldwide. Animal health is therefore directly linked to the livelihoods of a large portion of the world’s population, and big losses are yearly experienced as a result of animal diseases. Bigger cooperation between role players in public and animal health is necessary to achieve success.
Foot-and-mouth disease is a huge challenge worldwide; and only 50% of members are free from it. Currently there is also a tendency of this dreaded disease to spread, with outbreaks occurring in areas where there has been no sign of it for years. The challenge in Africa remains enormous because of the role played by the African buffalo. One breakthrough, however, is the fact that quarantine is now accepted as a way to lower the risk of the spreading of the virus in meat in areas where separating livestock and game is impossible. This measure should facilitate the export of meat from these areas.
Attending this meeting provides attendees with a unique opportunity to communicate with colleagues about general challenges. This meeting also gave attendees the opportunity to meet the European Commission and discuss the export of lamb meat.
From discussions with members it was clear that Namibia shows a positive image and that the good relationship between the industry and government institutions is one to be proud of and to maintain.

Friday, 19 June 2015 14:19

Namibian Veterinarians discuss bone-in lamb exports with EU

The Meat Board together with the Directorate of Veterinary Services held discussions with the Head of Veterinary Services of the European Union and two of his colleagues. The aim of the discussion was, among others, to investigate the possibility of bone-in lamb exports from Namibia to the European Union, as well as to invite EU veterinarians to Namibia. In the course of the discussions it became clear that the European Union regards lamb meat as a high risk in respect of the foot-and-mouth virus and that considerable negotiation will be necessary to achieve success. It was mentioned that Namibia is the first country for which approval for the export of bone-in lamb meat is considered in any way. The aim of the EU’s visit to Namibia will then be to investigate and discuss this subject in depth.

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