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About the Meat Board

The Meat Board of Namibia, founded in 1935, facilitates the export of livestock, meat and processed meat products to importing countries. All major stakeholders of the Namibian meat industry are represented on the Board.

It is adequately equipped to assist the meat and livestock trade with relevant information, technical and administrative support.

Role and Function

The vision of the Meat Board of Namibia is to be an internationally recognised organisation that promotes a profitable, vibrant, quality-driven Na mibian meat industry in local and international markets.

Role and Functions

  • The need to have sound regulatory systems in place to control mandated standards and quality assurance around production, processing and marketing
  • The need to promote export diversification by increasing market access to competitive markets
  • The need to strengthen relations with government and key stakeholders leading towards improved collaboration and partnerships
  • The need to ensure the Meat Board remains a self-sustainable organisation
  • The need to advocate animal health and welfare as a first step in being globally competitive


  • Sustainable financial position
  • Sound reputation nationally and internationally

Strategic Objectives

  • To ensure cost-efficiency in terms of operations
  • To ensure at least 95% of formal transactions are levied by 2016
  • To reduce the Meat Board Reserve Fund deficit to zero by 2016
  • To manage Meat Board finances according to regulatory requirements annually
  • To comply fully with the SOE Act
  • To have a skilled, motivated full staff complement to support Meat Board activities
  • To ensure an efficient and effective board
  • To improve operational efficiency by implementing a performance management system by end 2011
  • To maintain and expand information Management system
  • To administer committees and funds in an effective and transparent manner


  • Regular consultations with Meat Board and stakeholders and vice versa on industry matters
  • Meat Board respected as the authority on meat matters in industry

Strategic Objectives

  • To improve on regular formal meetings with MAWF from 2011 onwards (to inform authorities on conducive policy and regulatory environment)
  • To increase awareness of the activities of the Meat Board and the potential benefits to the meat industry from 2011 onwards
  • To increase networks of influential contacts nationally and internationally, both in governments and industries


  • Existing markets maintained
  • New markets developed

Strategic Objectives

  • To monitor developments in meat market access.
  • Maintain and defend meat market access conditions and development of existing markets.
  • Disseminate export marketing information
  • Assist in the creation and promotion of a strong brand in export markets
  • Develop new systems to facilitate strategic market information both nationally and internationally
  • To identify opportunities for value addition in the meat industry
  • Develop trade facilitation system


  • Improved compliance with regulations
  • Better management information on the Namibian meat industry

Strategic Objectives

  • To align the regulatory systems with Namibia’s requirements
  • Continue with the implementation of current standards and quality assurance improvements
  • To improve general enforcement of regulations
  • To enforce requirements of Meat Industry Act, its amendments, regulations
  • To facilitate the administration of the Sheep marketing scheme


  • Increased financial viability of livestock production.
  • More informed and educated producers, processors and consumers.
  • Better collaboration with DVS.
  • Improved animal health status in NCA to attain international recognition.
  • Maintenance of animal health status in SVCF

Strategic Objectives

  • To support animal health and welfare initiatives on a cost-recovery basis
  • To sensitise the industry on animal health and welfare issues
  • To provide input into the development of veterinary policies and legal documents through stakeholder consultation
  • To advocate for the increase of formal livestock off-take in NCA
  • To contribute to the stabilisation of sheep and cattle production
  • To improve meat quality through the promotion of standards and branding to consumers
  • To facilitate the promotion of local goat meat markets in strategic areas in Namibian towns

Chairperson's Report

Honourable Minister,
It is indeed a privilege and honour to submit the report of the chairperson of the Meat Board of Namibia for financial year 2019-2020

Members of The Board

Mrs. Patricia Gurubes 

Meat Board Senior Officials

Mr PJ Strydom - General

Paul Strydom

Mr W Schutz - Manager


Mr G Tujendapi - Manager


Dr Anja Boshoff-De Witt - Manager Meat Standards


Mrs Ursula Nguvauva – Manager



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