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What are the rules/regulations to export live animals to Angola


What are the rules/regulations to export live animals to Angola?  Are there any restrictions and limitations with regard to quantity, weight, gender, etc.?


If the exporter is Namibian, they need to be registered as a producer with the Meat Board of Namibia.

 Registration is free and is done at our offices.

 Requirements for Permit in that order:

  1. Import permit from Angola
  2. Export Permit from Veterinary Services (Namibia)
  3. Meat Board Export Permit ( Last stage)

 Standard levy applies depending on the type of livestock being exported.


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Where can goat ear tags be purchased?

The Meat Board does not supply goat ear tags. We only supply (sell) official cattle ear tags.
Goat ear tags can be purchased at any AGRA outlet. You will be required to have a stock brand card or certificate if you purchase goat ear tags.

Detailed information you will find in the MEAT STANDARDS and TRADE and MARKETING page of The Meat Board website.

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What are the rules/regulations to export live animals to Angola
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