Meat Board of Namibia (MBN) prepares Katima Mulilo (ZAMBEZI) abattoir for audit and certification by the Directorate Veterinary Services.

Following a successful trial slaughter, the ZAMBEZI abattoir needs to be audited and certified by the Directorate Veterinary Services to export beef south of the Veterinary Cordon Fence. A process which the MBN is now busy leading. As soon as the Covid-19 Lockdown measures have been relaxed, trial cattle will be slaughtered to verify compliance with the HACCP meat quality system, Commodity Based Trade verification and finally a DVS audit. ZAMCO, as operator, and Meatco are currently in negotiations to draft an Agreement whereby Meatco would assisting ZAMCO during the initial startup process. Once DVS certification has been achieved, the MBN role has been completed, a date set for the end May 2020.  



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