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The Farm Assured Namibian Meat (FAN Meat) Scheme was developed in a collaborative effort between the Meat Board of Namibia (MBN) and the Directorate of Veterinary Services (DVS) in an effort to safeguard foreign Namibian meat markets.
The need for livestock traceability and farm assurance in Namibia arose from an outbreak of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) or Mad Cow Disease and the linked fatal variant Creutzfeldt - Jakob disease (vCJD) in humans in the United Kingdom from 1986 to 2001. The Namibian Livestock and Meat Industry and DVS acted pre-emptively through the development of an extensive livestock identification and traceability system (NamLITS) which is utilized by the FAN Meat scheme to provide assurance regarding the safety, wholesomeness and quality of Namibian meat. Both the NamLITS system and FAN Meat Scheme were the first in Africa and the FAN Meat Scheme is still the only of its kind in Africa.
Cabinet pronounced the FAN Meat Scheme as a National Scheme and the Meat Board is the mandated administrator of the scheme. The Farm Assured Namibian Meat Scheme Logo symbolizes assurance for safety, wholesomeness, quality and traceability of Namibian export meat.
The standards prescribed by the FAN Meat Scheme are based on Namibian legislation, meaning that these are standards to which all producers in Namibia already have to comply with. These standards contain and describe the legislation in a nutshell, giving the producer clear guidelines of what must be complied with.
The standards also contain basic principles of good agricultural practice, animal welfare, veld management and storing of chemicals, making the scheme both attractive and necessary for international trade.
The success of the FAN Meat Scheme is apparent through maintained international markets as well as the obtaining and maintaining of ISO 9001:2015 certification. This certification is internationally acknowledged, and gives the FAN Meat Scheme even more leverage for international trade.

The FAN Meat Scheme was developed to include all small holder and commercial farming systems.  The rules and standards of the scheme are based on National Legislation combined with Good Agricultural Practice and Animal Welfare principles.
In order to legally own, keep and sell livestock in Namibia, each such owner or producer of livestock must be issued with an official Stock Brand.  At the same time, such owner or producer of livestock is issued with a FAN Meat number. The stock brand, producer, farm and livestock owned by such producer are linked on the National Database (NamLITS).
The movement of livestock in Namibia is governed by the Directorate of Veterinary Service through a system of movement permits, which is issued from the NamLITS system. In order to market livestock in Namibia, a movement permit must be obtained.  Such permit can only be obtained if there is no restriction on the stock brand or farm of the owner or producer of livestock on the NamLITS database.
On an ad hoc basis the Directorate of Veterinary Services, which is the competent authority for animal health in Namibia, performs farm and community visits.  During these visits, compliance to National Legislation and FAN Meat Standards are verified. If transgressions are encountered, the stock brand or farm is placed under restriction until such time as the transgression has been rectified. During audits conducted by the FAN Meat office, any transgressions in terms of the Animal Health Act (Act 01 of 2011) is reported to the DVS.
The FAN Meat Scheme includes Producers at farm level, and non-producers, which are: Livestock Feed Processors, Agents and auctioneers, Transporters, Feedlots and Export Abattoirs.
Non-producers are audited by the FAN Meat Division of the Meat Board on an annual basis and annual re-registration is required.
The Farm Assured Namibian Meat Scheme provides assurance regarding the safety, wholesomeness and traceability of Namibian produced meat.
Meat produced under this scheme, which includes all Namibian Producers, is:
  • Naturally produced;
  • Growth Hormone free;
  • Antibiotic residue free;
  • Carries Negligible risk for Mad Cow Disease;
  • Originates from animals which were humanely treated;
  • Traceable
The FAN Meat Scheme was developed to provide assurance regarding the safety, wholesomeness and traceability of Namibian produced meat.  The FAN Meat scheme also encompasses good agricultural practices for environmental health and sustainable production together with animal welfare requirements as recommended by the World Organisation of Animal Health (OIE).
The FAN Meat Scheme is presented to markets requiring such assurance for recognition and to prevent duplication of market specific standards and efforts to verify compliance.

The FAN Meat Scheme promotes the interests of the meat industry and is used to develop market opportunities. Consumers worldwide are asking the question: where does the meat that I buy come from, and how do I know it is safe? The FAN Meat Scheme is an answer to this question, and each producer of livestock in Namibia should aim to participate and comply with this scheme in order to build a good reputation in our international markets. The demand for safe meat of high quality is growing, and Namibia can proudly say that we can supply such a product.
The success and credibility of the scheme relies on the co-operation of all Namibians, and each producer registered with and complying with the FAN Meat Scheme is making a contribution towards the wellbeing of the Namibian livestock industry.


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