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The individual identification of small stock is a new requirement for the export of small stock to South Africa. The Namibian specifications for individual identification of livestock prescribe a combo ear tag consisting of a primary electronic button and a secondary visual ear tag. Once the animal is tagged, the unique identification number must be registered on the National central database, NamLITS, and will remain on the animal for the remainder of its lifetime in Namibia and South Africa.
The electronic RFID button must be placed in the left ear of the animal, and the visual ear tag must be placed in the right ear of the animal. The tag bearing the Stockbrand of the owner must also be placed in the prescribed manner.

For registration on the central database, the system has been adapted in order to allow for producers and agents to register the ear tag directly on the database using NamLITS online.

NamLITS online can be accessed using

A profile needs to be created if you are not yet registered on NamLITS online and can be done by following the easy on screen instructions. Producers already registered can login as normal, and use the “REGISTRATIONS” subdivision for the registration of the ear tag number.
Click on the “ANIMAL REGISTRATION” button and complete the form.

Ear tags can be registered on the central database in three ways:

  • One by one: simply complete the form and type the ear tag number and press “submit” to register the ear tag number under the subdivision “ANIMAL REGISTRATION”;
  • Batches: this function can only be used for ear tags purchased in batches of 20 in the original ear tag packaging with a unique bag number. Simply enter the bag number to register the ear tag numbers in batches. Any tags purchased separately will have to be registered one by one;
  • COMING SOON: Excel file upload: ear tag numbers can be scanned using an RFID Scanner and the ear tag numbers uploaded onto a computer in excel format. The Excel file can be imported into NamLITS online to register the entire group of scanned ear tag numbers.

Follow the 5 steps to registration:
1. Select the correct herd from the dropdown list. If only one herd is registered, then the herd will be displayed by default;
2. Select the preferred method of registration;
3. Complete the information for the animal/s to be registered;
4. Fill in the tag number to be registered. If the method of registration selected was “per bag”, fill in the relevant bag number. This number can be found on the label on the bag in which the tags were purchased;
5. Submit the information for registration.


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