Note:  Our Trading Hours for Eartag and Stockbrand office: 8:00-16:00

Rest of Meatboard 7:30-16:30.  Lunch hour for all offices: 12:45-14:00


    • Official cattle and small stock ear tags can be obtained:
      • directly at the Meat Board of Namibia OR
      • ordered at approved distributors like Agra OR
      • ordered via e-mail OR
      • ordered via NamLITS Online ( (Preferred method) (You can download the NamLITS online user manual here)
    • Documents required to purchase ear tags via e-mail or directly at the Meat Board or ordered at approved distributers (NOT for NamLITS online):
    • Application to purchase approved devices (Form 20 as per the Animal Identification Regulations in terms of the Animal Health Act (Act 01 of 2011); and
    • Certified Copy of ID of owner of livestock OR presented in original; and
    • Certified Copy of Stockbrand Certificate or card OR presented in original; and
    • Certified Copy of ID of third party OR presented in original (where applicable); and
    • In the case of Closed Corporations, Trusts or Companies, a Certified Copy of the Founding Statements OR presented in original.
    • In the case of pending estates or purchasing on behalf of a deceased owner of livestock, please contact the ear tag office directly for assistance as the requirements may differ. (00264 61 275 844) 
    • Where ear tags are ordered via e-mail, the following procedure must be followed:
    1. Contact the Meat Board Ear Tag office to verify the price for the type and number of ear tags;
    2. Deposit the exact amount into the Meat Board Corporate Account: 62242414647;
    3. Clearly reference the payment.  Reference: The stock brand/FAN Meat number for which the ear tags are purchased;
    4. Email proof of payment together with required documents to OR and clearly indicate the type and number of ear tags you want to purchase. Also clearly indicate the address to which the ear tags must be sent;
    5. Phone 061 275 863/4 to confirm that the order has been received. Orders will only be processed once payment has been received and confirmed;
    6. The producer to pay courier fees upon receipt of ear tags.
    • Please note that ear tags are packed per order number and picked up OR sent out once ready.
    • Please also note that in accordance with the Animal Identification Regulations in terms of the Animal Health Act (Act 01 of 2011) as published in the Government Gazette on 23 November 2017 the number of ear tags that can be purchased by producers is restricted. 
    • For any additional information, please contact the Ear Tag Office: 

    Phone:  061 275 863 / 4

    Fax:         061 238 839


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