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The latest Meat Board of Namibia statistics shows disturbing consequences of the 2019 drought around livestock marketing during 2020. On a year to year basis ending July 2020, total marketing of cattle decreased by 39%. The export abattoirs slaughtered 56% fewer cattle, while live cattle exports (mainly weaners), fell by 50%. In terms of sheep marketing, 56% fewer sheep were marketed on a year-to-year basis up to and including July 2020. Sheep export abattoirs slaughtered 84% fewer sheep, while live sheep exports declined by 52% on a year-on-year basis ending July 2020. The total marketing of goats is 74% less on a year to year basis ending July 2020, the reason not so much to the drought but the Covid-19 restrictions around gathering attendance in South Africa. So there was not necessarily a demand for goats for traditional weddings and funerals. The consequences of the 2019 drought will be felt for some time to come, especially in the area of ​​producer and secondary agribusiness income and corresponding financial contributions to the national economy. Only good rainy seasons over the next few years will restore the meat industry. It is important that the meat industry is given the opportunity for recovery and not faced with any restrictions to serve Namibia's current markets for both livestock and meat.


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